The Grey

Look beyond the grey, past black and white.
Let the dark and light fade, to starry night.
Geometric prints, dance across the sky.
Silver linings.

It’s all about attention.
If you focus, it is lost to you.
Concentrate on the spaces between.
Everything fades away, the cosmos begin to show themselves.
There true colors are a blinding white.
Nothing escapes the light.

There is a god in every man.
We are the collective, we are the ocean.
You are but a drop.
Come back home.

I speak to you, I see myself.
You speak to me, I am a reflection.
My pain, is yours and yours is mine.
Come back home.

Waking up is hard, but, the dream is, never lost.
You’re just beginning to remember.

Keep us all in your hands for we are all.
All one.
You never left home.


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