Life in its simplest form
We destroy it to keep us safe and warm
Killing off what helped us survive
But the supplies have now taken a dive

What’s new, you say?
It’s just some tree-huggers trying to get their way
But no, it’s not, this is our world
And it’s our problem that unfurled

What now? Cut back
Give nature some slack!
We’re giving it a heart attack
And soon nothing will be left but black.

Don’t you want your children to witness this?
This is the wilderness!
Beauty, all around,
Destroyed, harvested, downed

There’s but one thing to do
We might suffer, but we have to
We have to rally the people
So we can finally give nature a chance to be equal

We’re getting rid of our very life force
And hurting ourselves, but we will alter our course
This isn’t the end, and I’m not letting go.
Fight with me now, or the future will never know…

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