The Greatest Sin - Pleasure


the greatest sin causes so much pleasure
in which the abundant flow of ecstasy cannot be measured
he lures temptation by that sweet kiss on my neck
and caresses my flesh wondering how far he can get
sweet kisses is what i call them as our tongues meet 
they glide so vigorously around each other as if honey is what they seek
i can hear the soft lullaby of him panting in my ears
i return those heart melting melodies because it's the only thing he wants to hear
pain dissolved in pleasure is the perfect recipe
adding a spoonful of our sweat and a drop of syrup that flows out of me
i began to beg him to kiss me softly on my lips
yearning for a french kiss on the set between my hips
caught up in the forbidden i wonder how far can i let his go
even though the greatest sin causes so much pleasure i utter the word "NO"


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