The Greatest Irritation

There’s not really anything in this world that I hate
But there’s a lot that I dislike or that irritate me
For me, dislikes are easily explained, while irritations are more complex
But it seems that one of my biggest dislikes is also my Greatest Irritation
This irritation can be simply put, if you boil it down
If you do this, you get a simple answer: people
Yes, people, that is the biggest vexation of my life
I’ll explain, but is it hard to believe this is my Greatest Irritation?
People, in general, can be described in many ways, but for now, my mind focuses on the bad
People, it seems, are loud, obnoxious assholes, full of self righteousness
Selfish, sometimes beyond comprehension
Their ‘political correctness’ dimming their minds to the open world
Pushing those condescending views on others
Always bringing down others, but also bringing down themselves
The people of the world try to shake off their history
Wars continue across the Earth, destroying livelihoods
Poverty is rampant, creating the dregs of society
Genocide, homicide, death and destruction wrought by human nature
Then you have the more mundane things
Global warming, the death of our planet accelerated by us
Finally you have the real annoyances, which people think are so important or amazing:
Reality T.V., fashion, societal rank or status, perceived importance- all worthless
The human race has many good things about them
They have had great accomplishments and have some redeeming qualities
But their many faults and contrivances seem to overshadow these
So again, people, in general, are my Greatest Irritation

This poem is about: 
Our world


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