The Greater Beauty of Being Black (Men)


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This poem is a dedication to my son Deshon Johnson who was mowed down by a Coach USA bus driver operating NJ Transit public transportation bus. The bus driver was speeding around the corner and it back wheel jumped the corner dragging my son 50 to 100 yards to his demised. The Essex County Prosecutor refused to charged the bus driver for in volunteer manslaughter. Please support my son's petition on by google his name.

Handsome man do you wonder where your beauty
of being black lies, it’s the strength of power you
display from your eyes.

The eloquent diverse hue of your skin
that you inherit from your kin.

The successful determination of God’s breathe
in your rib cage bones and the defeated struggle
of your lineage that is well known.

Your intellectual mind
that keeps you out of a complicated bind.

A strategic
techniques that no other ethnic man can critique.

The swagger in your walk,
and the profound words you use when you talk.

The arch of your chin displaying aggressive force to
win with a victorious grin.
A beautiful smile
that shows grace of style.
With respect within you
plus your inner love for another too.

Your enduring faithful urges,
knowing how to pray when fear emerges.

As you embrace a peaceful soul
you’re able to control.

Your humble methods take care of your
When the world’s problems try to rob you of your

You find honorable ways to keep food on the
table, and do what you must when you are not
physically able.

So let me tell you the words that are written as fact
there is no greater beauty than being black.

(c) By: Naomi Johnson

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Soulality Naomi Johnson

May everyone please support my son's petition on by google his name Deshon Johnson.

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