The Great Machine


HISS… HISS… CLUNK…. HISS… HISS… CLUNK…. I stood in terror as I watched my people be crushed. HISS… HISS… CLUNK…. I couldn’t move arm nor leg. My movements were limited to my heart, where it was beating furiously against my chest. HISS… HISS… CLUNK….  HISS… HISS… CLUNK…. It was arriving nearer and nearer. I had to do something. I need to move. I need to run. But how? HISS… HISS… CLUNK…. With that, I turned tail and sprinted. My blood running cold and only adrenaline keeping me going. I couldn’t go like this. HISS. HISS. CLUNK.. HISS. HISS.CLUNK... Oh God! It was gaining speed. HISS. HISS. CLUNK... Faster I moved my legs, even more determined to outrun this monster. HISS. HISS. CLUNK.. Swiftly I turned the corner and got a glimpse of the space between us.  Not much. HISS. HISS. CLUNK.. HISS. HISS. CLUNK.. Panting for even a tiny speckle of air, I pumped my legs more. Motivated than ever to win this war. HISS. HISS. CLUNK. HISS. HISS. CLUNK.. I felt the air swift pass me, the heat from the flames against my skin. Beads of sweat was pouring from every inch of my body. I could do this. HISS HISS CLUNK. HISS HISS CLUNK. HISS HISS CLUNK. It was now closer than before. I could feel the heat of the coils and wires coming off. HISS/HISS/CLUNK/HISS/HISS/CLUNK This was it. I couldn’t run anymore. No matter how much I run, it would be one step behind. HISS/HISS/CLUNK/HISS/HISS/CLUNK With a gulp of air and my adrenaline dying down, I stopped and faced it. HISS/HISS/CLUNK

Spreading my arms out, I let it take me.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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