Gravity .vs. Limitations

Read As Gravity Takes You Down 

  • No more stories.
  • We could be better than glory.
  • Understand the conspiracy that represents maturity.
  • Bravery tames the fear, but cowardliness creates the beast.
  • In theory gravity keeps us down, but without it; could we float away?
  • Soring sounds of clouds breaks smiles.
  • But backflips upsets the crown.
  • Nelson Mandela choke holds to the pride.
  • With animal domesticated smiles.
  • Cinnamon raisin bagel filled with soft impressions.
  • Limitations is like puting a sentence into context and reading upside down 

and backwards in reverse, you must be rabies or maybe your just crazy.

  • Ha Ha jaggered teeth in a feast Jaguar, places pause places plause please, 

and alphabetical syllables being mispronounced tongue dance.

  • Bounced around, that ringing sound, steady asking for charge; 

damn that musical clown.

  • Aztec encrypted temples and Mayans gathering ashes of swollen testicles.
  • You savagely individual, hyphenated criminal or bethel mind filled of principles.
  • Chess and Checkers was my playground of foamed legos, 

"let go of my eggo," kangaroo jack to your home.

  • Saxophone being played by elephants trunks.
  • Made these funny looking aliens dance around.
  • As the bat echo's its blinding location sound.
  • Night vison with that rambo knife killing.
  • That throw up sickens with that drunken feeling.
  • Kufuing as I signed, language my next million. 
  • A infinity symbol reversed upside down, looking like an ape now.
  • Got that language fighting, Patois, tiger sounds. 


Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

Powerful expression. Always let poetry fill your life. Keep expressing your heart.  

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