Every morning she wakes up

To do the same exact thing

As soon as she comes home from school

She endures the beatings

All she wants is to get away

Far from this place

But accepts that nothing is changing

At least not in any haste

It seems almost impossible

To just clear her mind

When she wants more than anything

To leave all of this behind

She doesn’t really have anyone

In which she can confide

So she’s forced to keep all of it

Bottled up inside

Is everyone around her truly blind

And does not see

That she is so insecure


The people around her

Make her feel despised

When will someone wake up

And just realize

That she is drowning

From the inside out

And not for any single second

Does she hold a doubt

That life should be

A whole lot easier for her

If someone would interfere

Or infer

Of all the evil and wrong

That is taking place

All of the memories

Will never erase

So every night she goes to bed

Wishing she would die

But every morning when she wakes up

She thanks God she’s still alive

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