Grassy Green

I remember your signiture face, how you would look at me.

How you would look at me with your brown eyes. 

I remember the black, and white of your fur.

The black on you was as dark as the day you left my life.

I remember your damp dark fur.

when it would be raining, or when you would come inside after being in the mudd,

I remember how ou would look at me.

The look as if you thought i was disapointed in you.

I remember when you would jump up and put your paws on my legs.

The "Iwant a treat" look you would give me all the time.

I remember giving in and I'd pop off the lid of your treat container.

Then when the wind runs by me i do not run against it but with it and you follow.

The smell of spring time was a sign it was going to be a good day with you.

While we ran, you would always run infront of me and make me fall.

I always wish I could have just one more day like this with you before he would 

take you from me.

A day where the weather is nice and the perectly cut grass is beautifuly green.

(April 2014-R.I.P My Chipper, My Pal.)

This poem is about: 
My family


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