The Granted Wish – Cry of an Orphan


With a face stained by unbroken tears, 

And large watery orbs that reflect the perpetual fears, 

Of never finding the safe harbor of, 

Familiar arms meant to guard boundless love. 


Those tear ducts of mine have cascaded into overtime, 

And presses me to weep, grieve and whine, 

For I have become buried in a world tainted with gray, 

That even the feeble light of day fails to penetrate or fray. 


Here I blend in amongst a crowd of others, 

Other misfits that have become my sisters and brothers. 

Forsaken and forlorn now are we, 

That have become the dregs of the world; an unneeded key, 

To unlock the stone hearts of those above, 

Whom never could comprehend the meaning of love. 


Many times had I clasped my hands together and fiercely prayed, 

That maybe, just maybe, one day I’ll be saved, 

By a mama and papa with smiles of pure gold, 

Who will rescue me from the loneliness that threatens to take hold. 


They will come to protect me as their most priceless treasure, 

Something so cherished, it goes without measure, 

Our vow of love shall never depart, 

Compared to those that abandoned me from the start. 


Really, a simple caress or gentle touch would do, 

To know that I am here now, safe with you. 

When we snuggle by a fire, bathed in its warm light, 

That is how I know I’ll experience the truest delight. 


So please, oh please let my wish be made true, 

Wash this bitter life away or fashion it anew, 

For as foolish and futile as this may all sound, 

I continue to hope that I will someday be found. 





Simply touching and beautiful!

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