For Granted

Took my youth for granted

Now I’m stuck in a sandpit of broken dreams and neglected responsibilities

My mind is constantly telling me that I can do better

But no matter what 

I just can’t measure up

To the person I wanted to be growing up in this shit hole town

Tethered to the ground by the chains of self doubt

People telling me theres always a way out

It will get better 

The pain can’t last forever 


But thats just it. 

They don’t understand that I’m sick.


I can lay here for days

Mind blank

Staring at my iPhone in a daze

Eyes glazed over 

Waiting for that spark to return. 


My heart used to burn with a passion for exploration

I could easily give in to my deepest temptations.


Which wasn’t always a bad thing.. 


But now… 

Now I don’t even like to sing.

There were songs I would scream 

From the top of my lungs 

Hoping, soon the light would shine through. 


But the vocals are gone. 

My veins do not pulse to the pounding of my old drums

My mind has gone numb…


So this is where I’m left. 

In this sinking sand pit 


How I took my youth for granted. 

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