Grandpa's Wallet


After years of hardship, and love it’s all put in that one spot

In the brown, dusty pockets of the small folds, it holds memories

Memories of family, business and laughter

Not only did it hold money and loose change


Grandma bought that wallet

It once was smooth, clean, new

Taken by little ones for a spare change for a treat

Used more then sometimes wanted


Pictures of children and a beautiful wife

Turning gray and frail

Stored in the pocket of a old pair of pants and used less

Travels and adventure become harder


Pop old, sad and true

Grandma holds that present given a long time ago

Granddad doesn’t have much strength, darkness is upon him

He’s not here anymore, just his wallet


I have that wallet, warm in my pocket

I’m his only grandson, given that wallet as a present by grandma

I’ll travel and see the world like pop

I’ll put my special wallet to use, just like granddad did


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