Grandpa You Inspire Me To Fly

Dear Grandpa Reuben,

I know we never met

And know that we never may

But I want you to know this:

You’ve always been an inspiration

And a guiding light.

Even if you were gone before I was born

I know we never met,

But I think you’d be proud

Even if I have made stupid choices

But then again, who hasn’t?



I have your name

In a roundabout way

But this little bird embraces it.

Not every kid gets to know their great grandparents,

I know I didn’t get to know you

At least not in person,

But what Grandma Maria told me

And what Mom has said

You were an amazing man

Who I can only hope to be half the person you were.



People ask me,

“Why do you let someone you never knew

Inspire you to do something great

When you never know if they’ll be proud?”

And I say,

“Why not?”

Inspiration comes from every where

So why not let a family member

Who I was named for

Be my inspiration?



Maybe we’ll actually meet one day

But until then,

I’m going to live my life

And do everything I can

To make you proud one day.

I love you very much.


-Your Little Bird.

This poem is about: 
My family


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