Grandmother's Poem


United States
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Always there for you,
Because you need them to.
Cures all your tears,
Drains all your fears.
Even when time's are tough,
Frequently you do more than enough.
Goodness you are great,
Helping everyone with their fate.
In times of dark despair,
January to December, you are there.
Kind in every way.
Loving that you're in my everyday.
Most people say you're really nice,
Not to mention you give the best advice.
Overly passionate in times unclear,
People are happy when you are near.
Quickly you answer my questions,
Responding with great suggestions.
Sweet as honey is what you are,
Truly seeing the near and far.
Understanding every word I share,
Verifying them very fair.
Whenever you read this,
XO - you receive a hug and a kiss.
You are the strongest woman in the nation.
Zero percent of this poem is exaggeration!


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

100% of this poem is genuine that shows how your grandmother impacted your life
great job
im a power poetry mentor


Thank you

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