The Grand Larceny of Humanity

There was a man who ventured off

to pillage and to rape

Gluttons had consumed their home


they left not to escape

Greeted on the shore by people he called lovely

what they knew as right of birth

was known to him currency

They marveled at their coexistence

Despite emotions

held the mission

spread infections

long division..

Negating all the blatant truths pertaining to this life

knowing all along the way

they were never right

There was a time when life was living

No numbers ever hurt their feelings

Where gold was shared

not used in dealings

The only taking matched the needing

How did the greedy end up leading ?

Insanity from vast repeating

Fear inflicting fear in unnecessary victims

who offered them humanity

so they kill and restrict them

So much loss

and not just lives

The people and the Earth can't lie

They slowly die before our eyes

They've robbed us of a simple life

I just scream



WHAT IF? ...

What if atrocity not lined the road

with trash and great misuse

and left no one to view this life

as a playground for abuse?

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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