Graduation Poem


By: Eric Fraley


Here today

Here we sit

Class of 2017

Amongst our friends

Our fellow classmates


Teachers and staff

It’s hard but…

Now that so much time has passed

We must admit

The highs and lows

Of these four years

Came and went

Beginning to end

Our time here went by so very quick

As for our teachers

They only know

How in the beginning,

We may have been dim

But with their support

We began to glow

So we would  like to say thanks

Because of you

We’re now able to burn brightly

All on our own

Because of you

Who knows the journeys we’ll travel

Or the places we’ll go

These four years may not have been easy

But that's made us stronger

That's helped us grow

To ourselves and our teachers

We now owe

A continued pursuit of excellence

On the paths we take

And for others

The paths we chose

It’s our turn now

To be the future

It is to the whole world that we must show

The skills we've learned and the knowledge we've earned

It is our time now to take the first steps

Towards our destiny

With our own two feet

For us to do what we have to do

For those of you with heavy hearts

And for those who feel this is the end of a small part of your life

It’s true

But it’s also a new start


In our own two hands is a fate in which we are holding

As we’re getting older

As we are growing

One by one

Our fingers begin unfolding

leaving hand prints on history

Touching hearts and minds

On the road to our destiny

We must now leave some friends behind

But do not be saddened

Do not fret

For they too

Have roads that they must find

We now all have one great mountain that we must conquer

That we must climb

Do not dare give in

Don’t dare give up

They are our own two hands

We must now guide ourselves to that mountain top

We may make mistakes

We may fall

But because of our time here

We’ve learned to rise again

To stand tall

I hope you enjoyed your years here as much as I did

And as you begin the next step of your lives


I wish the best of luck to you all.


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