Sitting up on that stage I glance around.

We all look tired.

The war is now over,

but did we win?


Certainly there were battles lost.

But we made it to this moment.

Wasn't that always the goal?

Surely then we won the war.

But at what cost?


I for one did not make it out unscathed.

The white lines going up my wrists can attest to that.

The pills I take every day to remain calm are another indication.

4 years ago I was happy and hopeful,

today I am sad and confused.

Am I the only one?


Countless time I thought of giving up.

No matter how hard I fought,

I always seemed to be losing.

My head was no longer a safe place.

Will those demons follow me?


High school is supposed to be where you find yourself,

but I seemed to have lost myself.

Maybe I lost the war after all.

Will I ever be happy again?



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