To The Graduating Class of 2013


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Do you remember the first day back, in September,
When we first called ourselves seniors?
Watching and waiting,
Itching as the clock ticked.
This day seemed so far away,
But really it was quickly approaching.
It got closer with every laugh we shared,
Every hair we pulled from stress,
Sometimes we didn’t think we would make it,
But here we now stand.

We will always remember those who stood beside us since the beginning;
Some we’ve lost along the way and some have joined us as we went.
And though this ceremony is more for our parents,
This diploma is for us.
We are the graduates of 2013,
We are the memories of our high school years.
Somehow this piece of paper represents everything we’ve learned,
But the yearbook captures what it means to have been a high school student.

We worked ourselves to the bone,
We cried with blood, sweat and tears.
And now all our hard work is paying off.
The future is here.
It’s finally our turn,
The time has finally come.
And as we march out with tears in our eyes,
And say final goodbyes
The last thing I want to say is:
Well done, graduates.



The presence and spirits of the graduating class came alive in this one Rebecca! It took me into the whole experience and feelings through your description of it all. You made it real! This is your Grandma speaking but I do know a good one whe i read it! If I can feel it, it's a winner!


Gramma, I knew it was you the moment I saw the Username. Thank you so much! Love you Gramma!

Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

Powerful expression. Always let poetry fill your life. Keep expressing your heart.  

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