Fri, 11/22/2013 - 16:20 -- neyneyb


You think you know the world in its whole

You think you know the real stories and events

You think they teach you facts but they glamorize the lies

They say Thanksgiving started as friendship and sharing

That the Civil War was about slavery

That the Emancipation Freed all the slaves

They don't tell you that Thanksgiving is a celebration of murder

That the Civil war was about power

That the Proclomation you hold dear was a military ploy that freed NO ONE

That Columbus convinced the Queen to enslave the Natives

That Black people were in America even before the Europeans showed up

They don't use the words invader or Genocide when talking about the "heavenly European"

They DO teach stories that condone pain 

They DO teach stories that make us bad and the Invaders missionaries from GOD

They DO teach misconceptions that we worship the wind instead of thanking the Creator


But they don't teach you that in GRADE SCHOOL!


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