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Your boldness, Your Heart

Your soul, Your art

All of you, which gives all of me.

Your intelligence, Your brain

The way you care makes me go insane.

The way you love me , makes me feel pleased.

The way you dress, you look like success 

Let's think more about your personality, Your avalability

Your joy, your life

The most amazing woman you are,

The woman I look up to,

The woman I can't be without,

The woman I can't live without.

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My family
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If you guys could give me feedback , on anything I need to improve would be great!!


I really enjoy the way you composed the poem, with talking about the physical aspects (except when you mentioned her soul) at first, and then heading on towards her personality... what you REALLY love about her. However, if you want some constructive criticism, I would just say try reading your poetry allowed a few times to get a nice, clean flow. ^_^ It got a bit choppy when you wrote "makes me go insane." I would just suggest thinking about that. You know, focus on syllables and whatnot, but still have fun with it! You did a really great job, and I could just feel the emotion POUR out of the screen at me. 


Thank you.... I thought it needed some more work ..
I really thank you

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

pretty inspirational

continue to craft this art of poetry by creating a flow that works for you

use words as a weapon to ignite truth that captivates the attention of audiences

keep writing and develop that craft

join my group mvp-most valuable poets



Thank You, and i will join!!


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