Government O Government


Some may call it stupid.

Other call it dumb.

The consensus is: A government shut down makes people glum.

The resounding question is why can't they just agree?

They are acting like children if you were to ask me.

The plan Congress is debating has already started.

So why can't they vote and save the jobs of people who feel smarted?

Eight hundred thousand people are being affected by the actions of thirty.

This seems to me that democracy is dirty.

The problem cannot simply be healthcare for the poor,

There has to be more to it than less people in the ground who snore.

A word that might be helpful in their next session is compromise,

Without it, Good Ole America may fall to it's demise!

Why O why O why government must you shut down?

We were starting to do well but now we've done a poor three hundred and sixty degrees turn around!



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