Government Censorship


I came here ready to be vulgar,

palms sweaty, mouthy ready to say things so blue that even Gervais would gasp.

Alas, thats not what you meant when you said No Filters.

So instead ill write a poem using words from U.S. governments list of "suspicious words":


the government holds this secret fair,


where they talk about what they fear.


The event is covered in booths and stalls,


each one equipped with men ready to recall,


recall their fears of the world.



for instance, there's terror, north korea, and nuclear war.


but no one likes talking much about that because their spokesperson is a dirty whore.



then we have cyber terror and threats. 


which makes the government very upset.



Look over there! we can see health,


sitting their talking about exposure and bodily wealth.


he crys out "influenza is death"


almost as if he were in Macbeth.



People complain "health is on shrooms"


But it does not matter, for the FDA Approves.




Lastly, we have our border concerns,


the place Mexicans cross and never return.


They talk about heroine, meth, and marijuana


And how they'll kill those filthy mexicans,


even if its a little kid dressed in pajamas




so next time you see a fair for the government,


think to yourself, do you really wanna go in?


For a trip to the government fair,


will give you six warning shot to your exposed skin



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