Goodbye To My Bestfriend

Do you hear my crying screams?
Do you see me in your dreams?

Do you feel my presence near

as you walk down the pier?

You walk down to the end

The place we became best friends.

I see the tears fall to the dock

As you crumple to the earth you start to talk

I hear you scream my name to the sky

you ask me why why why

I yell that im just fine

But you can thear me im in the sky

I saw the blade go flying

As I ran to the end of the pier crying

I found you there lying

You were drowning in you're tears

Blood dripping to the pier

The first scar I cant kiss

The first night I cant fix you with my bliss

Or hold you in my arms

Or stop the tears

Stop the self harm

The first night without you by my side

I wanna hold you until you stop to cry

I  almost start to walk in you're direction

But then I hear you sigh and you sit up

I hear you then reach  towards the water

Dipping you're hand in

You wash off the blood

And I hear you say

“This is our place

I love you forever

And ever

And ever

and that again

This is for you

And ill never forget you”
I start to cry

I see you wipe you're eyes

And head back down the pier

You get to the end

I now realiseWhat Ive done to you're life

I cry a little again and wipe my eyes

I whisper I cant wait to see you in heaven
And that was my goodbye



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