Goodbye to me

The blade,

"Use me!"

I can hear is scream

Just one cut,

One deep one,

And over it is


The pill,

"Drink me!"

I hear the voice in my head telling me

Just a few..

Maybe 15 strong pain killers?

Maybe an overdose on insulin?


The gun,

"Pull me!"

I can feel my fingers pulling the trigger

Its just one quick move

I wont even feel it


The powder,

"Smell me!"

I can feel my head going closer to it

Just one line,

And addiction it is?



The voices,

Its getting to loud!

Its taking over...

Let me go!


Just one deep cut

Just an overdose on pain medication

Just one move of a finger

Just an overdose from the drug...


Just those and my life,


It wont exist


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