Good Ole Days

We sang and we danced, laughed and played 

But that was back then in the good ole days 

Back when we were free 

And had no reason to flee 

The nights we would all gather around the blazing fire 

Those were the good ole days 

Oh those days when the land was our home 

We never thought those men would claim it as their own 

Through every single one of us fear was shown 

Never would we have thought our celebrations would stop

We knew of the land and gold they sought 

That is why the bravest of us stayed and fought 

The days we all counted on one another and made it our mission 

To protect the land, the long journey we traveled hand in hand 

Those were the good ole days 

When we had our rights and freedoms, before those mean

Powerful men came and betrayed us,after we took them in as our friends

Yes we were played as foold, they barged in unannounced to quickly change the rules 

Before all of this occured, we were in a peaceful world 

Those were the good ole days 

Those days will come back, and no more will we lack 

We will claim our land, no more hurt will we stand 

No more pain will we bear, this heart break we all share

We declare on this day

We will claim it all back,today we say

Even from far away, we will emerge and take back that of which is ours

We will not act as cowards 

Bravery we all sustain, will help us gain 

Our Good Ole Days 


This poem is about: 
Our world


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