Good bye

Good bye

by Sandrajohnsonj on June 8, 2021.  © Sandra Johnson, All rights reserved

Good bye then you showed  me that you don't love me. You showed me you don't care. You showed me that i can't trust you. 

You showed me that our relationship never ment a thing to you. You have proven to me that you have been cheating on me this whole  entire time.

And proven to me that your still on all the dating sights. You have shown me that you are a heartless cruel cold hearted bitch 

All the whore post you post for all the men you're fucking in your life. 
You won't delete the account because you love the men you get through it you have a different one fucking you every night. 

God looks down upon you in pure and utter shame. You have committed the worst crime ever against God adultery. 

You have just hurt one of his precious Angels he sent to you. 
And for that he will never forgive you. He will leave you herat broken 💔 forever.  

Lost lonely never to have your true love again. That he had given to you and you took advantage of. 
You took a heart so pure in touched  and ripped it out and crushed it in to a billion peaces. You have not ony do this to me. But you have also done this to God himself. 

Tonight 10, 000, 000, 000 angels cry 😭 poring out for the love that you chose to leave behind. Gods tears are poring down from the sky. 

As you chose to turn your back on him and the love he sent to you. It's as if you took Jesus Christ himself and crucified him all over again. 

With all your lyes and betrayal. You contenue telling and doing. Yes all these writing to will be published. 
About how you was so childish and you thought it would be ok to use Gods Angel that he sent your way.

I have never loved the way that i love you!

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