Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide
In the mist of the night
What will I find? My soul, my life, or the drive
Sometimes this can be hard to find
Words and expressions are floating by
Which one do you grab me, myself and I?
This is going to be a challenge; no one said this would be easy
A journey where you’re alone and no one sees thee
I’m a host, not a ghost…always pleasing
How tiring this can get, I’m not cheesing
A happy soul once, now an angry voice teasing
Pity is not needed, understanding is too far fetched
The theory in an essay will never express the feelings in the chest
Years of trauma, days of solitude, who would have ever thought?
Physically, mentally, emotionally, Lord this is too much!
I am someone, I am me…change the environment cause I can’t see
A “Cold World” written by an intellect, every word in his poem made sense
Truth be told, no more harmony…Unity, division and still suffering
Dead on this earth like pushing a hearse, bury your turmoil’s, writing a verse
So easy to do when you feel it first hand, no way I can judge the next man
Finding one self is a journey, comprehending the lesson still yearning?
She/he is Strong, not weak…like David & Goliath, the Bible speaks the truth and men are defiant
Changes are needed but not with the people, stand tall and straight up, walk to a mirror
Look into your eyes and cry out the fight…then ask yourself what more can I do there’s nothing in life…
Lay on the bed and recite one prayer, even though this world is not fair, God will always be there...


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

and deep down
you will find your way to triumph as you express yourself in this wonderfully, yet riveting poem
life is not meant to be easy, its what you make of it


TY for the support, I understand that completely...Life is beautiful

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