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“If you cannot be a poet, be the poem”- Donte Collins

I never wanted to be a Goliath and let little things bring me down
But I’ve drowned in too many slingshots to be looked up to
Its funny how pebbles turn into boulders
If I was bolder, would have told her long time ago
That verses and flow only get you so far
Making art from your scars
Doesn’t make you an artist if you don’t believe in the truth behind your pen
When poetry is your outlet
And you preaching power
Gotta be completely plugged in
‘Cause who you writing for in the end
Forgot that my wounds mattered too
That Im not always writing for you
That Im not as pretty as the poem stumbling from my tongue
Just a young girl hoping these words’ll still have me after I’ve disgraced them
Used my pen to hide instead of reveal
Sealed my Saul so you could see a Moses
But that’s just the blind leading the blind
So tonight, tonight it’s time I get free
To tell you my chest is nothing but a broken levy
So when floods fall from my eyes there is no guarantee that my heart’ll beat as beautiful and bold as it did at sunrise
Like Sunday suns after Saturday moons
How morning can come so soon
I know first hand what they mean when they say Christians can be chameleons too
How its hard to accept that your genius isn’t of value
How my attempt at math, Making Art That Heals, is through words
But observed that there's no security there
And I'm all too aware my courage doesn’t exist beyond the pages of my notebook
So look at my lines but please don’t read too far between them
Im afraid of what you’ll find
Because most days, seems like all nights
Im afraid of my own mind
So I don’t want to be the poet anymore, because I can't handle the responsibility
Instead, let me be the poem so that someone will deliver me


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