Goldilocks and the Dancing Bears

The music was loud; the parents were proud.

It was the first night of the annual ball, and the little bear was dancing with a young girl.

Greedy, gutsy, and golden, Goldilocks left the bear to dance alone.

Off to his house she went; the thing that led her there: a scent.


Goldilocks found herself inside a cottage; on the counter sat a goodly amount of pottage.

In those pots she found the porridge.

One was too hot, one was too cold, but the third pot was just  right.

With a gobble, gulp, and gourge the porridge was all gone; now Goldilocks needed something to sit on.


Now back to the ball and the sad, young bear; looking around he found no one to dance with there.

Mama and Papa continued to mingle with old friends, and then decided to go home.

And so the trio of bears began the journey back to their cottage.

While walking down their lane they heard a clatter in their house, perhaps it was just a mouse.


Goldilocks began to panic inside; she couldn't find a place to hide!

She broke one of the legs of the chair, and now the owners were coming home

If only she wouldn't have left that dance.

Papa Bear swung open the door; that's when Goldilocks hit the floor.


Just then the little bear couhed; Goldilocks knew their dance had paid off.

She was in the bears' house!

Safe at last, safe at last.

Goldilocks breathed a sigh of relief; she no longer felt like a theif.


Dancing and dancing once again; Goldilocks apologized for breaking into their den.

The three bears and Goldilocks danced until the break of day; would she ever leave? No way.


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