Golden Honey

Fri, 07/26/2013 - 22:07 -- tevinm


United States

Divided by three the strength in me still exceeds infinity
Because my affinity to be great cannot be grated
So I apologize if I let my Facebook notifications become inundated
This desk is just a front
We know
It's pleasing to see a young  black male sailing in a sea of pale gentlemen
A stressed but blessed young man only getting gentle when it's time to put on the face
Office Space
Constantly analyzing himself for the reason he must misplace his sobriety
Is this what you want?
The time it takes to figure your fate varies
We carry the responsibility of meeting the needs of the high and mighty
And I feel that he told me that I can be whatever, wait and see
So when someone asks me what accounting firm are you thinking about
Big Four maybe?
I say nigga please, you got it
All I need is that degree, career seed, not the money I'm after
Upset that I spent two chapters reading the wrong book
I look forward because that's all that matters
This game is set up so you cannot see
Blinded with youth and empowered with the same
We set goals in life without even knowing the person behind our name
Well why is that?
I don't know honestly
The first answer that comes to mind is money
That green honey, taste so rich
And the thought without it resembles a needle flooded ditch
Why do you think people switch from psychology to biology
The bees before us left a trail
But I think we picked up the wrong smell
You tell me 5 years undergrad and grad school is good move
good job and a good family
you're a good dude
But you never said I'd be miserable
I understand that I have a considerable amount of money but
What about the golden honey
Most of my time is spent away from the place I pay rent, or maybe you have a mortgage
I still can't stand the shortage of life forces that kill their dreams and self esteem to be like others
Just like when we first learned to speak to our mothers I am saying no
To everything that seems forced
The source?
Security, one of the basic needs in order to proceed to the final step of self fulfillment
Too many times I've noticed that my former generation has sacrificed this accomplishment to sustain the security for their offspring
I thank you for this
knowing my gratitude cannot be understood with two simple words
I sit and listen to the birds chirp until my destiny is foreseen
Then a slight gleam of happiness beams through the black space and my face changes from despondency to hope
Though I have realized that I cannot work
Because they say if you love what you do you'll never work a day in your life
So that is what I choose
Gold over green, passion over status
My dreams have to be seen through
But most importantly
I have to put through your brain that your pain was never vain.

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