The Golden Eagle



I am… red.

I am the millions of Hispanic people in the U.S. 

I am she, who was arrested at gunpoint at the age of seven by ICE. 

I am the blood on the soles of those who walk the deserts blindly. 



I am white. 


Hungry for education, for a better tomorrow and a better life. 

I am the Neonatal Doctors of tomorrow.

Not the average, not a criminal, nor am I the weak. 

I represent the millions who vanish in the desert, the rivers and the sea. 

I am those who are silenced, in the “land of the free.” 



I am green. 

My culture, my family and my ancestors. 

I am a "DREAMer," a fighter and a National Achiever.  

The daughter of two immigrant workers. 




I am the golden eagle.

Representing the people who innovate, create and love.

Perched on a cactus, fighting for survival, acceptance and equal opportunity.

For those who do it all for a better and safe life, away from the venom of corruption,violence and poverty.






This poem is about: 
My family
My country
Our world
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