Gold from Straw


Gold from straw.

I've never been one with a lucky draw,
but I turn my luck into a quick guffaw.


When a tragedy strikes it will be alright,
for with my humor and wit, I can hold tight.


No matter what is thrown my way,
even a hurricane, I will say, "Neigh!".


"It is a bit damp, but what is next?
How about a fire, or a breakup text?"


Because I can laugh and feel alright
even with a deadly snake bite.


This is the way that  I heal my woes.
Nothing else matters, not even stubbed toes.


"It is ok and life goes on."
that's what I'll say when all is gone.


I guess I have height and dashing good looks,
but I'm not even rich and I can't even cook!


This is who I am, and a laugh will always suffice.
I can't wait to laugh at the rest of my life.



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