"Going Under"

I played football in high school and tore my right ACL on October 1, 2015.

I was helped off the field and had a trainer ice me up for the rest of the game.

I got x-rayed by an Orthopedic and was asked questions about what happened.

I received an MRI scan within the next few days.

I ended up in the Orthopedic where I was diagnosed with a torn ACL and meniscus.

I had so many thoughts running through my head. “What if I wake up early?”.

I received surgery and woke up to a very dry mouth and no feeling in my lower body.

I arrived home the same day around 4:00 p.m.

I was in severe pain the same night.

I felt so much weight pulling down on my stiches when using crutches.

I felt like I was never going to walk again.

I rehabbed my knee back into shape with a physical therapist.

I was back on the football field with an ACL brace a year after surgery.

I never knew that 3 ½ years later I would remember so perfectly.

I have a permanent scar and realized something very important.

You never really grow up, you only learn…


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