Going through changes


i lost my grandmother, its lie i lost the world.

she saw the good in me to her i was the perfect girl. 

i cried alone its like i still cant believe it, 

one day shes here then shes gone left me speechless

they said that cancer went and spread to her brain

my mom called me crying so i started going insane, because see

she was my biggest fan sort of like a role model 

told me if i  worked hard then good things would sure follow

and i believed it, because i belived in you

the whole thing was just  a nightmare that came true

never thought id see the day that i would lose you 

so when that day came i shut down like what am i to do 

i cant stand tall i've just lost my backbone 

called up to god and he gave me the dial tone

i still smile even though you're with your child now

try to stay strong and it seems that i forgot how.


no amount of tears could ever wash the pain away

i'll say my prayers at night in hopes to see a brighter day

feels like i lost it all going through these changs 

i'm trying to find my sanity then maintain it 

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