Godspeed to my Silver Tongue


This darkness my mother
My coffin her womb
This lifetime a funeral
Eternity my tomb
Like the full moon amidst the night
I am darkness hiding in plain sight
Perched atop the cathedral like the gargoyle hoard
I am evil basking in the holiness of the lord
I am king to this kingdom of night
A patron of this morbid moonlight
These shadows, my loyal subjects
Scarlet veins, my royal birthright
The blood of mankind, indeed a fine wine
I thirst for mortal to quench my divine
The sun now rises, I dare not temper dawn
If light be unkind, my flesh dust by dusk time
I now bask in this blackness
Soft felt I law upon my head
I shall not be disturbed in my slumber
For tomorrow I wake up dead
I am a thrall to the master of night
Enslaved to this melancholy moonlight
These shadows cast to mask the unknown
As warm scarlet stains cold banks of snow
Ashes settle upon the street
As the dancing flame of a cigarette weeps
Wisping smoke, the twisting of ghosts
They whisper so sweetly to me
They tell me a tale of a pity soul
Locked behind her chamber door
She cannot see, cannot be free
Of a bleak candle lit misery
The air is cold and thick and still
Not a soul should ponder the thrill
Of wandering about in the dead of the night
In hopes you might come back alive
And in the dead of the night
May her thrills turn to fright
I stood above her as life drained from the soul
This lonesome eternity had taken its toll
And when she awoke to claim her adore
I knew she would be mine, forevermore
At my request
Her smile would attest
The fangs of another dead lover
Sink deep in my chest
And she bit for the heart
As my blood was a bit tart
Falling twice dead to the floor
Her blood lust no more
I am a fool to the gallows of night
A howling fiend to this forsaken moonlight
These shadows lay adrift
Upon this river scarlet 
Your eyes look upon me, a wicked curse
But is it I who is destined for your hearse?
Through this, my friend, I see it a bless
This beautiful tragedy of undeath


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