Gods Tears

Thu, 01/30/2014 - 14:48 -- RayO126
God’s tears rain from the heavens as the innocent confess
Others are surrounded by the Devil’s hatred
Blanketing them in villainous greed
A tyranny that little can escape
Demon’s claws ripped and killed their souls
Men and women’s anguished cries
The truth is concrete
Once kissed by suspicion, destruction followed
Trapped in the burning hell and lost in the sea of sorrows
Is everyone living in lies?
Mothers, fathers, and children die
Blackened, lonely, hatred
Is their no shred of goodness left?
As the innocent become blessed
And the villains fall into the Devil’s grip
No one tear of pity to those signed to lies
Leave the darkness and stop your mourning
And give into God’s embrace


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