God's Grace

Only on this island here I stand

Not in sight another woman or another man

I feel alone though I know I am not

Thoughts running through my mind

When will I eat again?

Drink or bathe?

All the compulsive thoughts

Will they ever stop?

No answers for today, tomorrow or the next will drive me insane

I tried yelling, screaming & shouting but they were all vain.

I didn't know what else to do

No one in sight to turn to

Then I remembered God's love

So I dropped on my knees and prayed

"Father please can you hear me now? 

I feel alone, and need to make it someway, somehow.

When I said I needed a break 

I didn't mean a lonely, miserable vacation

Send me your angels so that I can see light & feel love in my dark situation."

Then all of a sudden I felt a love like I never felt before

My weeping eyes looked up and seen a boat traveling ashore

I jumped in joy & waved my hands to show I was in need.

The captain of the boat came just in time and rescued me.

It was only a matter of time

I realized that the only thing on the island that I forsure was in need for

Was the love of God indeed.




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