God , Music , and You


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Thoughts for you
Serenade me with your song
By Him, through you
Gave me a word, changed my heart
New inspiration you brought to my life
New hope I have found
Lived each day with contention … with content on my heart
But you…
It has brought me to a happier place
A place where
Now I notice the sunrise and its meaning – New Life
New Life, I thank Him for everyday
He has shown me the way thus far
So I know He won’t fail me now… give up on me now
For His divine purpose
Even though I did not see it
He knew exactly what He was doing.
All the hurt and pain…
Why all my days never ended with a smile
My heart, never truly broken, but sat there shattered…
And then You loved me
Real Love – God , You showed me
A love above all others
And then you trained me and prepared me
To love and to be loved
To love and to be loved by a man of Your standard
Who walks in Your footsteps
A man who fears You but ultimately loves You more than himself
Real love he knows because You, God, have taught him just as you have taught me
And it is because of real love he will be able to love me
And I will be able to love him –
Naturally, and draw each other spiritually closer to You.


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