God Knows

Sun, 02/15/2015 - 14:14 -- hf10054


Is that boy from Canton putting soul in his sentences?

Yup ‘cause God is blessing him

Thanks for all the messages

Cleaning up my messes and giving someone to represent

I suffer from negligence

I feel I’m no better than you, because we’re heaven sent

Generating an elegance

Generation’s intelligence

Found in drunken sentences

Mind, body, and fellowship

My body’s irrelevant

Once the bullet detonates

At that moment do you levitate or fall to heavy weight

The stains on your shirt have you laying in the dirt              

She was lying down with fleas when she should’ve been in church

And that’s the purpose of the word and that’s the purpose of the verse

And it’s pertinent you hear before our bodies are immersed

Inside this Earth that we’ve been served

As the surface of our work

And Lordy, I’ve been asking questions, I’m just hoping that you heard

‘Cause every night I’m always stressing if they’re gonna feel these words

Help my momma with this money, know her jobs ain’t paying dirt

Kind of tired asking Alexis when she’s gonna get off work

Also please forgive Diamond, I don’t want his soul to burn

I yearn for some guidance in my steps, please provide em or I’m left

As a writer with no depth

Yep, they saying I’m writing to the deaf

But I’m staying with my God, until we’re living after death

Put the bible to my chest, all my rivals can be blessed

On arrival to the nest, we’re all flying with the best

God Knows

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