The radiance my contenance bears has no origins in a glow palette.

I believe

And from the time I first did, God’s Word became rooted in me.

Every verse I take to heart claims the space it rightfully deserves;

In my speech, actions, thoughts, and motives

Envision this:

God is

Transforming you

So much so that others can see

The light that shines from you.

You’ve haven’t got the glow up yet

If scrolling is your hunt for confidence

By silly comparisons of yourself to others.

All of us are unmatched in our uniqueness

Considering that God made each of us different.

If your doing the most,

But giving God the least,

Nonjudgmentally, i invite you

Experience a hope you’ve never had

A love you’ve never known

A trust you’ve not yet allowed yourself put in God

As your navigating life

I pray you’ll accept Jesus as your Lord and Saviour…

Trials and tough times will still be there, but

God’s guidance can be the

ultimate compass in guiding you

If you accept Jesus.


This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country


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