My name well hey their fellow



WHen I first loved

I was a clueless dove

soaring threw life

never fearing above


many memorys came to pass

the one constant was love for my path

a creator created reality

anti systematic trys to battle me

the fathers hand carries with ease


cease to the disease that feeds off the mind

those of greed, temptation, violence

or should I say carless act, mindless


acting on lust is not love 

its wo/man playing with gods mindset,

hell with them

follow the path within

unlock love we win


no need to get physical with drama

added the fact we end trama

save peoples life from sinking karma

no alarm here we made it clear

once life was allowed to shed tears

we put a end to the fear

forever we are aware

we must stand strong

help others who appear

lost like visions un clear


god is the one constant 

who corrects the nonsense

i will not follow the sin

honor the word within

with this pledge 

close the the ledge

want to fall

get off the wall

no problem to small

we solve them all


equip with your soul

the spirit knows this role

whole hearted honsety

embarked with sobriety

nothing can take our spark

from within our hearts.




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