"Go for it" she says

“Go for it” she says

“You can do whatever you want”

Says the girl with no self-respect.


She tries so hard to say no

This is the only way she can be loved


So she thinks…

“Just let them have it all”

“Who cares if they hurt me?”

“Who cares if they take more than they’re given?”


I am finally loved

I can’t wait for more


They have turned me into this monster,

They have made my heart cold and my soul dark,

They have made me feel like shit. 


Why should I even say no?

It’s not like they would listen anyways.


“Babe, can I?”

“Yes.” she replies


“Are you sure, You can say no.”


She cries at night because she doesn’t know herself

She doesn’t love herself


So she reaches for the others

And she feels love from them


Little does she know, it’s not love

It is simply lust.


My daddy taught me when I was young

Always give in to the men.

If you don’t

Life will be hard. 


He told me this nightly as he would touch me there


“It’s okay honey this is normal” He would say

“But is it?”

 I didn’t know until I asked some other girls…

This is wrong


At that point, it was too late

My soul was shattered

My heart was torn into pieces.


This poem is about: 
Our world


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