"Go Break a Leg" is a Myth

The gun goes off

The sound of thunder rushing through my ears

Adrenaline running through my arms, hands then feet

Sour and sweet

I was running my race, sure not to focus on anything else

Step by step

Stride by stride 

No look of fear in my eyes 

Scurrying I was

Who knew I was going to feel like I got hit by a bus?

Anxious and weary

Who knew I was going to feel dreary?

Very careful making sure to pace 

For my track season would end from a single race

“100 meters left to go,” shouted the starter as he raised the flag by the finish line 

Why does the 1500 meters feel so slow?

Senseless violence ends my race 

A look of devastation on my face

Down I go with a kick in my right shin 

My right leg is broken, good thing it didn’t poke through the skin

Now oh now what a foul is telling someone to go break a leg... go break a leg!

Why oh why does everyone say to go break a leg?!




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