Go Ahead And Try

Sun, 06/01/2014 - 17:18 -- bristau

Go ahead and try

cut me open and see,

the only tears that will pout

are salt droplets of glee.


Go ahead and try

to hurt me if you can,

all of the pain vanishes

before the beating began.


Go ahead and try

to knock me off my feet.

I will get up and stand

facing the defeat.


Go ahead and try,

scream your words with fire

but I will not believe your comments

since they are coming from a liar.


Go ahead and try

to catch me in your trap.

No rope or snarl you lay

will make me collapse.


Go ahead and try

to put me in my place.

Go ahead, push me around

and spit upon my face.


Go ahead and try

to take all that is mine,

but nothing you could steal

would make me sob and cry.


Go ahead and try

to make me hate the world like it hates you,

but I will smile and laugh

for nothing can make me blue.


So go ahead and try,

try to hurt me if you please.

My blood has been replaced with love so please,

make me bleed.


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