A Glowing Mother

Thu, 09/18/2014 - 01:10 -- DaSm11

A new year, a new day.

A different hour, a different moment.

Each day, I still wake up to beautiful little people that make me smile.

Being able to inspire and teach them what life is about,

seeing their first smile, watching them take that first step.

so many firsts, and time is just to fast.

go for a walk down to the beach and look for seashells.

going to a nature trail and looking at flowers.

That moment when you realized how truly blessed you are to have such a life.

The pure joy in motherhood, the innocents of a child, the reality of life in this world.

I am happy to say, "I am their mother." Seeing how well-behaved they are, "I did that."

Every child has their own set backs and no they are not perfect, but each day, its something new.

A new lesson for them that I was apart of. The smile on their face when they accomplished something so little,

but in their eyes, it took a lot of effort.

Nothing can make me smile bigger than those little people.



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