The Glow Up

I used to sit at 

home, breathing all alone then 

one day i changed, it 


was never the same.

I realized I was closed to

the world that always 


shows, the many ways 

of hope. I began to change 

my attititude, in 


a similar way

of gratititude, no longer 

in vain of my life. 


Through it all i saw 

the light, oh how it shined so

bright. I then moved to 


my name and gave it 

a push to make it a change 

and flourish one day


As time went on, so 

did my appearance almost 

as well as all of 


my experience 

and my image has changed. To

this day, I like to 


keep going and move 

up, up, and away to make

an improvement for 


every single day. 



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