I am the mastermind of creation. The envy of others. The end all be all. The source of their jealousy and indignation. If you are on the radio, I will change the station. To me blah blah, talk game with it all backed up. Radio show, traffic, your flow is all backed up. Draino. Dynamo. No batman and robin. No side kick, side dish, I'm the main course all the way. No one, no nothing can stop these lyrics that I spray. On all these haters like stains that need to be washed away. No forgiveness, no mercy, no hope. All they can do is pray. For the rain of terror to end, bloody Mary, down poor nothing but hurricane force wind. Storming into the world. No peace corps. With my flow so epic and my word choice so violent, they are all on their funeral home shit. All these fools are dead. Silent. Library books my vocabulary is endless, infinity the sky is the limit, no false hopes, plays on words, bull shit. Gimmicks. I'll huff and puff and blow their mess down. Bearing all my teeth. Full grin. Causing haters to duck and cover. Hit the ground. Running up to the top is where I sit. My enemies are beneath my foot in the grass where all the dogs in a pit. Pick up your mess and get it in order 'cause if you come at me correct. Or ill shoot you down while you are running away. Border up all your windows and doors!  It’s closing time niggas. 'Cause the mastermind and the owner, just bought your store. I'm done.

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