The Glass Hit The Wall

The glass hits the wall 

And all hope is lost 

Nothing I say can console the anger She has growing inside her 

Manifesting into hateful words and violent actions 

They say, sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me; 

They're wrong  

These words hurt 

Like little daggers, perfectly executed to cut you the deepest 

The hardest 

And all hope is lost 

I carry these scars with me everyday 

A constant reminder of who my mother is 

Not, who I want her to be  

Alcohol is her poison and its killing her slowly 

Consuming her quickly 

Destroying her family; 

So here I lay one year ago today  

Crying in my bed  

Wishing  and praying that it was all in my head 

Realizing that this is hopeless; 

The glass hits the wall 

And all hope is not lost 

Yes it is true, nothing I say can console her 

And yes her words cut deep like knives 

But now I have faith 

Now I have  strength, to hold on because  

The sun will shine 

And my mom will be healed 

I know it won't happen overnight 

Maybe not even in 6 months but; 

The glass hits the wall, and I smile 

Because I know deep down in my heart  

It will be gone in just a little while 

One year ago today I was weak and hopeless 

Today I am strong and hopeful  


This poem is about: 
My family


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