Glaciem Saltator

Fri, 11/03/2017 - 11:38 -- Katobe

A body fashioned in all directions

When it glides across the wind

Filled with the white drops of hope

Pain; love.

You were broken free of worry

Holding chaste lips against yours

As you flew,

Blood pumping you knew your truth

Satisfaction was what you created

While the ice blended with your toes.

You knew the melody

Words blooming from the curves

Of your arms, hips, and smile.

Your faults built you up

With the silver composer

You wrote out your passions

Allowing color to splatter

On the canvas, you knew as cold,

Unforgiving, ice

You held onto his fingers

Nose pressed to his and whispered

Agape; a gentle word

That you knew nothing about

Then you pulled away

Dancing as your body shouted

Eros; showing the world your meaning

Placing your name in history

As the lines swallowed you whole.

You offer the one thing you have

Hidden in the crevices of your ribs

You threw out your love

Allowing the world to drown

In what you called yours.




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