give me reason/

I am born, but self consciously I always knew. You can't hide the truth , you can take away all the media, documentaries, radio, and burn all the books that has our writen history, but you can't hide the truth. This land and soil has secrets that we have become numb to. Blood and sweat hidden deep. Pain and horror covered up. We are numb to it. When I look in the mirror, my arms, my legs. I being to question and wonder. I look to those who created, but they don't have the answers. I see the pain and the pain before that. This dysfunction didn't start here, and it didn't start from that blood and sweat that lies deep within this soil. No one believes in this long line of pain some never realize they possess it. Maybe things will get worse until there's no chance of anything getting better. Nothing has changed it has only modernized into forms we may never overcome.  Those who shouted "we shall over come" never expected this outcome.


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My community
My country
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I really like this, great message!

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